We represent those who can't represent themselves. 

"Healthcare is like a box of chocolates. We never know what we're going to get."

The more obstacles we are faced with, the more confusing the healthcare system and the more erroneous or dangerous it becomes. This is why patients need a Navigator to help navigate the healthcare system successfully. We protect patients, keeping them safe, collaborately joining the patient with their healthcare team.
Today, people are living longer with an array of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. A Patient Navigator is necessary, along a journey of chronic or severe illness at any age.


Experience * Commitment * Reliability 

Elements of a care management, whole health program includes: Comprehensive Care Plan, Dedicated Care Team, Hospital to Home Program, Patient Education Materials, Dental Care Coordination, Comprehensive Oral Hygiene Regimen, Medication and Care Management Tools, Expanded Communication Between Patients and Healthcare Professionals, Care Coordination with Community & Home-Based Providers, and a Chaplain. 


Standards, Ethics, and the Allegiance Factor.

Worry Free Medical Navigator

We work with our clients and families to help them at many points along the healthcare continuum, including insurance problems, disease research, understanding treatment & care options, finding doctors, serving as coach & quarterback of their healthcare team, facilitating communication with family members-caregivers-doctors, mobilizing resources, managing medical paperwork, or simply offering a soft shoulder to cry on with a Chaplain. 

Independent, Privately Hired Patient Navigator. 

30 + Years of Professional Experience

Care management has emerged as a leading practice-based strategy for managing the health of populations with complex or chronic medical conditions.  We can raise the quality of care and help patients improve and maintain better health. 
A Patient Navigator (Advocate or Facilitator) is a professional who can step in, and fill the needs of someone who feels as if their physical, mental, or financial health is in jeopardy.  We have a team of experts ready to assist you with Palliative Care Team resolutions. 

What are the benefits of a workable, care management team? Higher patient satisfaction, improved clinical outcomes, reduced use of high-cost acute care services, more primary and/or preventive care visits, fewer duplicative tests and procedures. 


Patient Navigators are greatly needed during these challenging times.

Do you have the personality & skills to be a Patient Navigator? If so, join our platform as a mentee today!
You must be a people person, a good listener, empathetic, have patience, thick skin (ethics, standards, and honor our allegiance factor), be a creative problem solver and decision-maker, a confident communicator, trustworthy and ethical.

Patients and caregivers have to make alot of decisions, sometimes at the spur of the moment. Crucial decisions help patients reach their full potential, and can save their life.
A Patient Navigator assist patients, through their journey towards healing. We assit our clients with achieving and maintaining their medical information with a healthcare tracking binder. Our client’s healthcare goals, health history, doctors names, contact information, medications, specialists, surgery dates, home health information, medical equipment, diagnostic reports, support groups, clergy, etc. are professionally organized at their fingertips. 


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

We are dedicated to the improvement of the overall well-being, outcomes leading to a high standard of patient-centered care and a better quality of life.


Encouraging current and long term solutions for all our clients.


Be your own Advocate: Perform the background research on doctors and choosing the best medical ally, maximize time spent with your doctor, be proactive, know when to change your medical care team, recognize the weight of your choices and fight for your quality of life. 
We help you establish your goals and align expectations. If you have any questions, simply reach out today.

We work, so you can focus on healing. 


No matter what stage of medical illness, rest assured that we will provide the resources and guidance you need for Palliative Care Collaboration. 

For more information about our services, simply contact us today.

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